02 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Hello lovelies,

I wish you all Happy Easter and a happy ending of your holidays! Only 2 days left until I have to work again but earning money is not that bad either ^.^
Since I have now my own flat I am sharing with my bf I like to decorate it matching to seasons or special festivities^^ I found some fancy looking disco rabbits and some colourful chicklets in some stores and just threw them together!
The chicklets look so funny with their pearl eyes xD And somehow the blue bunny looks really angry even though it is the same as the green one just in an other colour o.O
I like to decorate my flat unusual and different as you would do it normally^^ My mum for example does her decoration traditionally but modern in beige, brown and off-white colours. I also like it, it is really impressive but I like it poppin' :D

How do you decorate for Easter?
Traditional or unusual?
Let me know your opinion about it!



  1. Aaaws~ such cute decorations! :D
    I'd love to always decorate our place for seasonal thingies, but usually waking up to it too late and then should already take everything down really soon. x)

    We do have some barley grass, for cats aswell as for decoration, some easter eggs, little chicklets too, but then nothing that much. In Finland kids, especially girls usually dress up like little countryside loking witches on the sunday before easter and go sort of like trick or treating, but they have these decorated willow branches and they say this little poem that wishes some goodness and then they trade the branch for some candy. :D
    Haven't done this in a long time, but should start doing it with my girl. ^___^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, I know that problem! This time I managed to decorate in time :D

      Aww that sounds funny and cute! If you do it with your daughter make a blogpost or pics of it! I would like to see that tradition :)

  2. Antworten
    1. Thank you, I hope you had also some wonderful holidays!

      Greetings from Austria,