21 April 2015

#FCVIE & #pmdd18

Hello lovelies,

long time no see D: Somehow I was too busy with life to blog but that is not that bad because I got something new to tell you :3 
As I mentioned in the previous post I was at the FCVIE 2015 with Yaya and learned there a lot of new stuff about blogging itself and I also got to know new people who are also into blogging ^.^
Furthermore was the 'Picture my day'-day #18 so let us get started:
I packed up my things in my new backpack I absolutely adore:3 I waited aaaages to get it D: Here is  a full pic from the website because some also asked me where I got it from:*click* But be prepared it stinks like hell first and you have to air it!
Then I waited for the tram to arrive to meet Yaya at the railway station! We wanted to take a selfie together but it was so windy outside that we did not even tried it D:
We entered the big building of Microsoft and got a really lovely breakfast: Kusmi Tea, from a tea company based in Paris,  and little sour muffins filled with salmon, cheese or ham.
Then our program started: We heard lectures about the importance of having a media kit for the blog, how to work with companies together, we saw some useful tools and where to find them and how to combine the blog business with our identity - phew!

After those loads of information we had our well-earned lunch! On this pic you see only a part of the delicious food which was available! I just loved the colours of it so I took a pic: Wild garlic spread and beetroot mould!
Moving on we had the workshop we chose: Streetstyle photography
I definitely wanted to extend my skills onto that category because I would love to do it in Japan :D
Our group got outside and took pics of nearly everything and tried to use the discussed rules. I have to admit I knew the golden section or the two-thirds arrangement so I was a bit disappointed because I thought we would learn something other . .
But I guess there is no big difference in taking interesting pics so I see it as a reminder to use those techniques :) (Yep, I took the colour saturation higher but I like it:P )
After the workshop dessert was served from Vapiano, a pretty famous italian restaurant chain with restaurants in many countries. Vanilla and strawberry is definitely a delicious combination <3
We chatted with lovely girls and exchanged business cards and got our goodie bags:
This was also one of my last things I done this day - being happy about the useful stuff I got :D A lot to read, tea and a thermos mug, some shavers, a portable recharger, jewelry, . .I do a separate post about the whole content of the goodie bag :)

Stay tuned!



  1. Geil! Nachtisch! Ich glaube, den habe ich auch schon mal gegessen. Zumindest habe ich hier 4-6 solcher Gläser rumfliegen.

    Nachtisch kaufe ich im Übrigen nur wegen der Gläser! Immer!

  2. Sieht nach einem netten Tag aus :) Jedenfalls sieht das Essen toll aus und auch das Goodiebag :) da hat es sich wohl schon gelohnt :)
    Den Rucksack wollte ich auch schon länger haben, finde die toll :) und auch deine Buttons sind Zucker :)

    1. Das war es auf alle Fälle :)
      Unbedingt holen, auch wenn er anfangs extrem stinkt :D Vielen Dank~

  3. wow, so ein informatives Event klingt klasse! wie bist du denn dazu gekommen ... könnte mir auch sehr gut gefallen!

    <3 Tina

    1. Brauchst dich nur anmelden auf ihrer Internetseite :)