14 April 2015

Exciting new for me and you :D

Hello lovelies,

as you might know via Instagram I ordered some business cards for my blog :D Why? Because me and lovely Yaya are this weekend on a so-called FashionCamp Vienna
Additionally to that event is also the "Picture my Day" Day #18 so ther will be a lot of pics to make:D
I am blogging now for 4 years but to be sure to get to know everything we took the beginner ticket^-^ I am really looking forward to getting to know other bloggers and more about blogging itself!
I ordered the business card on www.overnightprints.at. It was quick, uncomplicated and not that expensive as some other sites :) I would totally reecommend this site!
I also got me a card holder (I do not know how to call it correctly xD) so it will be easier to take some of my cards with me and if I receive business cards from others I can put them also in here so they do not get lost or somehting :)
Additionally to these good news for me there are also some for you:
My blog has reached over 100 000 page views - yaaaay!
Therefor I want to do a Giveaway for you, my lovely readers 
I just do a quick poll which theme you want it to be:

~ Lolita

~ Pastel Goth 

~ Kawaii Stuff in general

Please be so kind and tell me your opinion! Be quick, only 6 days left!
I am so excited to arrange the Giveaway :D