31 Mai 2014

Tutorial: Dying with black tea

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to have a off-white skirt for my outfit for the Gothic Lolita Austria Brunch:*click* I had an off-white blouse, the ruffle collar and all the other accessories already at home. But I had no matching skirt.
I only had this white one:
I wore it to the Spring Meet Up in Linz:*click*
Somehow I stumbled across people on the internet who dyed their clothes with black tea. I liked the idea and tried it immediately :D
I used:
~ black tea bags
~ a plastic bowl
~ a wooden spoon
~ a water boiler
~ water (xD)
~ plastic bags
~ a plastic clothes hanger
I heated the water with the water boiler and gave it in the bowl. Overall I used 6 litres of water and 5 tea bags to get the white to off-white!
I waited 10 minutes so that the tea was well brewed.
Then I wetted the skirt and put it into the tea. With the wooden spoon I managed to get all of the skirt under water (or tea)^^
After 10 minutes I brought the bowl to the bathroom. I covered the shower base with the plastic bags so that the tea drops do not dye your shower. Then I wrung out the skirt and hung it onto the clothes hanger.
Do you see the difference?
First it has to dry completely and some ugly tea stains will show. After that you can wash it with 40-60 c° in the washing machine.
Mine did not lose any colour :)
I am happy that even the lace absorbed the tea!

This was my outfit with the new dyed skirt:
The ribbon of the lace collar is pure white. Here you can see it even better :)
I think it is an easy way to match pieces together. If you want it darker than off-white just let it soak a little bit longer. But to be sure about the right colour for you try it on a small piece of fabric which is similar to your clothing you want to dye.
You can also dye your fabrics with other teas. For example camomile tea and tea out of hibiscus or calendula blossoms.

I hope you like my tutorial! If you have some more questions do not hestitate to ask :)


  1. cool, ich wusste gar nicht dass das geht :)
    ein super tutorial.
    der gefärbte stoff sieht nun irgendwie viel edler aus als nur in weiß :)

    liebe grüße
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