05 Mai 2014

Cats in the green ✿

Hello lovelies,

recently I got a new camera, the Canon Eos 700D! Actually it should be my present for my final degree which is in september but it was now cheaper to buy and so I can use the one year of guarantee on it. 
You may have noticed the change of quality in some pictures:) From now on I will also label all of them!
This time I had the possibility to capture my cats being outside in our garden:
With a lot of flower pics to, I hope you do not find them boring now since I am posting a lot flower pics xD

And to call it a day her have a pic of my cute girl cuddling in my bed:3
I hope you like my photo posts and the pics ;)Praise and concrit is always welcome!



  1. Du machst die schönsten Fotos! *.*
    Die Katzenbilder könnt ich stundenlang angucken! <3

    1. Dankeschön <3
      Ich werde versuchen mehr sich bewegende Motive zu finden, dann ist es wohl spannender :D