09 Mai 2014

Instagram: March & April

Hello lovelies,

it is time for a Instagram retrospect of March and April :) 
The pic above shows you the fron of my Innocent World Book bag I absolutely adore! I think it is so elegant ♥ I chose it also to go with my Spring Meet Up Outfit which you can see here: *click*
Well, here have a selfie from me! This evening I felt quite beautiful because my hair was awesome and I was satisfied with my make up xD I also wore my new pentagramm necklace for the first time and I felt pretty witchy as you can say ;D
While taking a walk with my family I had the opportunity to catch this little guy on a photo! The peacock butterfly looks so colourful and detailed  - the beauty of nature, I guess it is :)
Awesome stuff I found at the fleamarket - I love ornamental frames and mirrors and brooches! If you click here you can see more details of it: *click*
Nanananananananana BATMAAAAAAN - Leggings! It is from H&M and I chose it for my boyfriend´s and my anniversary: *click*
 We are together for 4 years now 
I recently bought some cute stuff for me and to beautify my learning matters^^ I got cute Rilakkuma post-it´s and some more:*click*
Easter time was also here! I got a cute bunny cakepop which was nearly too cute to eat ;D
Here is a part of my awesome new necklace from Sucre Noir. A review of all my purchases will follow this month! If you want the Sisters of Persephone too you should hurry up because it is limited!

I think I did not neglect my blog, I am glad I did not^^ I would missed it D:
Well, it is May now and I am pretty done with my bachelor-thesis! Now I have a lot of tests and stuff but I guess it is again possible not to lose track of me and my blog :)
I hope you like my posts ;)



  1. ich find die post-its mega süß :) und die kette will ich mal in "echt" sehen :P

    1. Ja, sind sie :D Mir ist kürzlich erst der Verschluss kaputt gegangen-.- Ich muss schauen, dass ich da iwie was drehen kann, dass ich sie benutzen kann xD