02 Mai 2014

~ Gothic Lolita Austria Brunch ~

Hello lovelies,

last weekend was the Gothic Lolita Austria Brunch in the Schick Hotel Stefanie in Vienna. It was our first association meeting where the members got an cute button and tons of business cards :D
We paid 42 €uros for our brunch there and we got awesome and fancy food! Look:
First breakfast of the day: salmon, cheese, bacon something and asparagus mousse 
Well, there was also a lot of dishes for lunch but I did not picture them, I took the next one of the awesome dessert:
Strawberry tiramisu, raspberry brownie, cream cake and a 'Punschkrapferl', this is a rum-flavored pastry with pink icing - everything was delicious!

Now away from the food and onto my outfit:
 This time I built my outfit around my DIY beret which I made here: *click*
I am was glad I had everything already at home but I dyed my skirt to offwhite with black tea for it XD Would you be interested in a tutorial?
Here you can see the Beret better :)
The necklace is from my last won giveaway and the brooch is from my Finland trip :)
This the new button for Gothic Lolita Austria Members or short GLAM :D You can become a member if you live in austria or a honorary member if you want to support us: *click*
I also got some make up shots for you:
I am pretty satisfied with it even though I forgot my mascara at home >.<
After our brunch we took some pictures in a near park. I coud not decide which full body shot of me was better so I show you both xD
I like the colours here but I think the man in the back is creepy xDD
The people there were friendly and seemed interested in us. We even got filmed for a youtube channel here xD When it is online I´ll link it for you ;D
Wonderful day with pretty people and an opportunity to try out my new camera :D