23 Mai 2014

Pastel Bats & Stripes ♥

Hi lovelies,

as I announced in the last post today I show you my outfit I wore to the fleamarket! I wanted to wear something gothy because of the alternative fleamarket but also some sort of Jfashion. So my outfit became pastelgothy :3
Headband: ebay / Blouse & Shorts: H&M / Necklace: Moonbunny / Buttons: Modes4u & Sucre Noir/ Bag & Button on the bag: Sweet Ticket / Boots: Humanic
Buttons all over my clothes :D The Korilakkuma button is from my latest Modes4u order which I reviewed here: *click* The other one is from Sucre Noir! I also made a review this month about Sucre Noir but not about the buttons. I ordered them earlier :3
Perfect shoes for everything :) I used them at various festivals, in autumn and winter and they suit nearly every style I wear^.^
I just love this bag so much! I adore the print, the message and it even glows in the dark :D The button says 'Stay cute' 
Lavender bats - could it be any better? :D
I hope you like my outfit as I did!
Praise and criticism is welcome as always!