12 Mai 2014

★Review : Sucre Noir ★

Hello lovelies,
recently I ordered from Sucre Noir again!
My last review is from  good a year ago and in german: *click*
The shop sells sweetly subversive accessoires - from natural stone necklaces, laser cut pieces, miniature glass terrenes to fancy buttons!
Sucre Noir is also on Facebook and on Etsy ;)

I ordered my stuff on the website and paid with Paypal - no problem here! Shauna really cares for ervery single customer! Look at her cute notice:
She even split my order in 2 parcels to save on the shipping costs <3

Pic time for you!
My parcels contained following pieces of awesomeness:
~ Sisters of Persephone - Necklace: *click*
~ Third Eye Brooch: *click*
~ Crescent Moon Brooch: *click*
~ 'Tea-time, bitches'-Brooch: *click*

And these are cute stickers which Shauna added to my purchase! I love those little presents she makes! As you can see I am really happy with my order:) First of all I present you the reason to order again: the awesome Sisters of Persephone Necklace! It is a laser cut wood piece with a quartz crystal dangling down there!
This necklace is limited to 30 pieces, I got number 2 from 30! Be quick if you want one too :)
Next I got this awesome also wooden brooch again :D Sadly I lost my first one but I had to have it once more! I think it is so suitable for Lolita and teaparties<3

These are the Third Eye and Crescent Moon brooches from the Morningstar Collection! The base of each brooch is a clear acrylic piece with a foil over it which changes colour depending on light and angle you look at it!
Here I photographed them with flash so you can see the various colours - blue, purple, pink, green! I love such stuff :D

Prize & Shipping:
Altogether I paid around 60 €uros with shipping! Well, I also had a -20%-discount because I reviewed some stuff earlier but you can also get one when you buy at Sucre Noir and review it on their site! For further informations sign up with your email adress to get the newsletter!
My purchase came well packaged in 2 cardboard boxes and well protected in bubble wrap. It arrived in about 2 weeks - pretty quick!
Look at this cuuuute australin stamp! It shows a echidna,  typical australian animal!

I would definitely buy again, well it is my second time ordering from Shauna :D Even though 60 €uros for 3 brooches and a necklace sound pretty much I think it is something not everybody has and I also support a young indie label to make even more awesome stuff I want to spend my money on:D Yep, I like the new Brain Love Brooch pretty much xD It is definitely worth ordering from Sucre Noir :)


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  1. Ich hätte so gerne ein Tshirt mit der Teekanne. Die ist einfach perfekt! Nur halt leider 'ne Brosche :<
    Die Preise finde ich aber schon arg teuer, also Indie hin oder her :o