31 Dezember 2013

New Year´s Resolutions 2014 :)

Hello lovelies,

well 2013 is nearly over so the traditional year review of it should not be missed ;) I do also a little overthinking about my New Year´s resolutions from 2013 and what I want to do 2014!
So, what happened 2013?

* I got my first valentine this year in january, the second one in december (post will follow)
* I had my first giveaway because my blog exists now for 2 years :)
* My honey bear (my boyfriend:D) and me are now in a relationship for 3 years now 
* I participated the first time at Kleider Tausch´n in Linz
* I shopped at Primark for the first time :D
* I went to Nova Rock & Frequency this year! Hell yeah :D
* I visited various art and design markets like the Modepalast in Linz, the Shirty Fashion Fair 2013, the Designmarkt Edelstoff and the modezone in Linz :)
* I was able to got to 4 Lolita Meet Ups, 3 J-Fashion Meets and at 2 Cons!
* I had my first teaparty in Vienna with Innocent World* O*
* I was part of the first beauty fleamarket in Linz :)
* I did my first advent calendar swap with Yaya :)
* And I changed from german to english now!

Well when I look at my New Year´s resolutions from 2013 I am not that satisfied with it. I did not even tick the half of my goals. But I am glad I found a dream dress of mine 
So, my goals for 2014 are:

1.    Graduate and get my bachelor degree 
2.    Get a job
3.    Know what to do then
4.    Doing a tutorial each month (/12)
5.    Sew Bloomers 
6.    Sew a  Lolita skirt
7.    Sew a Lolita JSK
8.    Read all Volumes of Sherlock Holmes(9/9)
9.   Weigh at least 5-10 kilos fewer ~

10.  Improve my blog

Well, I hope I can reach all my goals this year and even more ;D
So I hope your New Year´s Eve will be as funny as mine will be!
Happy new year to all of you



  1. viel glück mit deinen vorsätzen! 2013 ist dir ja einiges gelungen :)
    Liebe Grüße und ein gutes neues Jahr,
    Bea von

    1. Danke^-^
      Ich wünsche dir auch ein schönes 2014:)

  2. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute für die Umsetzung deiner Pläne und ein frohes, gesundes und erfolgreiches 2014!

    Liebe Grüße :)

    1. Dankeschön:)
      Ich wünsche dir auch ein schönes neues Jahr!
      Liebe Grüße zurück!:3