21 Dezember 2013

Innocent World Mook // Everything English now !

Hello lovelies,

yes, from now on I am going to write only in english. I thought about it quite a while because many of my dear readers do not want me to change the language. But I think english is more international than german and I want to make my blog readable also for the non german speakers :)
So I hope you understand my reasons for this decision and stay with me and my blog 

Now onto the actual topic of the post:
IW Mook arrived recently and I looked trough it at least 10 times :D I want to share my joyful impressions of the Mook with you!
First of all a Mook is a mixture of a magazin and a book. You see why it is called Mook, right? :D
It is full of pictures and illustrations like a magazin but has the thickness of a book and its stories in it.
The main model of the 15th Anniversary Mook is Dakota Rose. You may know her from her YouTube channel: *click*
I was really suprised that IW picked her but I think the pics turned out great!
IW also gives us Classical Style Lesson ! What is possible for the Classic Lolita style?
Examples for matching blouses, hair accessories, socks and tights and bags ar given. 
I just love the different bags of IW <3
Maybe because I am a bag addict :D
There is also a page about the IW Tea Party which took place in Vienna! Don´t you remember? Then here is the link : *click*
And my haul post: *click*
It is a bit disappointing there are not more pages about that amazing event . .

Carrying on we enter the IW Textile Museum which shows different categories of their done designs.
This page shows for example the category 'Life of noble'.
I think this is such a wonderful idea how to show the work from 15 years!
I especially adore these looks of the model <3

Left: Rottenburg JSK in brown from 2012: *click*
Right: Mucha Sleeveless JSK in beige from 2013: *click*

Further the Mook contains:
* birthday messages from various famous persons 
* a Lookbook that shows IW looks in all 4 seasons
* an Interview with Yumi Fujiwara and her team

And on the last page is the wonderful goodie of the Mook:
This is the violin bag in dark brown which is pretty typical for Innocent World <3
Yes, IW sells  bags, skirts, jsk´s, socks, corsets and shoes in this violin style XD Did I forget to mention something else which is also from IW and looks like a violin?:D
It is so big and has some inner pockets for smaller stuff. You can close it with a pressbutton and its fabric is really thick and solid. The embroidery is well made and makes the bag look so elegant <3
This is the back page of the Mook which features the Anniversary Rose print in beige. There are 2 JSK´s and a skirt: *click* *click* *click*

All in all I am glad I bought the Mook :D First I hestitated because I did not want to buy stuff until january. I am going to travel to Helsinki to the Hellocon and therefor I need money :D
But the violin bag made me do it xD

Do you have the IW Mook? Do you like it?
What do you think about Mooks?
Are you interested in seeing the Lookbook I mentioned? I think it is quite inspirational :)
Let me know your opinions



  1. wir sind im buch drin, das ist doch ein muss

  2. die bilder sehn voll schön aus:3 schade, dass über die TP nur eine seite berichtet wird, aber das is iwie immer so.-. finds trotzdem toll. ihr seid drin XD yay.

    die violintasche is total süß. ich liebe musical prints*-*