26 Dezember 2013

Merry Christmas to you and a lot of presents for me :D ♥

Hello lovelies,

I hope you had a wonderful christmas as I had :)
On the 24th I celebrated with my family at home. We had delicious 'raclette' which is similar to having a barbecue and gingerbread mousse as a dessert. Soooo yummy <3
This is our Christmas tree with the presents underneath :D And this year my mum allowed me to cutify the tree a little bit:
Hello Kitty as Christmas tree decoration :D I had 4 Hello Kitty balls and some more pendants. I think it fits somehow well together although there are traditional and Hello Kitty pieces :o
I got so many presents I desired and some I did not expect :D I show you some of them:
I got a metal bagde maker and a refilling package! I always wanted to make my own buttons and motives and now this is possible - yay!
This is the first button I made :)
Further on I received a tourist guide for Finland which I am going to use in january because me and some austrian Lolita girls are going to visit the Hellocon! I am so excited already and I don´t have a plan what to wear there D:
I also got a book from the author Nunu Kaller. It is called "Ich kauf nix!" which means " I buy nothing!". I discovered the book trough some DIY blogs and I think this is a really interesting experiment. Maybe I´ll try it myself after I finish my bachelor degree  :)
And something that must not lack under my presents is something from Hello Kitty :D This year I got a memory made of chocolate^^
And last but not least I got the 'Killer Queen' parfume from Katy Perry! I like Katy Perry as person because I like her clothing style which is always a little bit crazy and over the top! 
And I love the design of the flacon and the scent of it <3
It is just perfect for a little lady like me :D
I also like the advertisment for it:
I love the look of the whole video! Everything is so royal with red and gold and the typical furniture of this time :)

All in all I am really happy about my gets!
So what did you get for christmas? How were your christmas days?
Tell me in the comments :)


  1. Der Baum ist so süß geschmückt!

  2. ich hoffe du hattest wundervolle Weihnachten \(^ω^\)
    Hab auch Parfum bekommen uhuuund ein Huhn gab es dieses Jahr auch für mich XD

    1. Ja, die hatte ich :)
      Yaaay! Welches hast du bekommen?^^