07 Dezember 2015

★Review: Automatic Honey★

Hello lovelies, 

it is time for a new review! I already ordered in September from this indie label based in Los Angeles but somehow I did forget to post about it because I have not finished with posts about my Japan trip. . well Automatic Honey is well-known for the jewellery like necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings they create and design theirselves. The duo had a lovely interview about their work here: *click* It is really inspiring!

I ordered trough the Automatic Honey site. It was sold out literally in like 2 seconds? I was glad to get at least one item of my wishlist! I paid with Paypal!

Talking about my wishlist I wanted these items:

I love witches, bats, cats, elegant lettering - it is so perfect!
Sadly a lot of other Lolitas obviously wanted the jewellery as much as I did so I ended up with a brooch. I already had the buttons in my cart, I wanted them the most, but someone sneaked them before I could pay D:
It is not the emerald green I wanted first but I also like it in 'Periwinkle' lavender! I thought it would be bigger but it is a nice size anyway: 4x6 cm 
The details are really stunning! In case you do not know it: I do not like glittery stuff or stuff full of sparkly rhinestones but this brooch does glitter and also got a bigger rhinestone on it. Somehow I like it anyway <3
The pin in the back seems pretty sturdy and is also one where you can secure the needle so it cannot get off easily. The logo in the back is just awesome.

I am happy with it! I found one point which is no problem for me but could be one for other people: If you touch it a lot you can see the finger prints especially on the witch hat since there is the biggest part of the shiny metallic material.
Since I wipe over it when I see some and it is no big deal for me:

Prize & Shipping:
It is a bit on the pricier side but as I mentioned earlier it is sold out in minutes! For me it was worth paying 36$ ~ 32€uros to get my hands on one of the brand's items since it is also rare to get them secondhand!
The shipping was pretty fast (1 week) and the brooch was packaged in bubble wrap and a carton box. 

The designs are amazing, if I could I would like to have every piece of their collections! But it is hard to get them since so many people want them. The rareness also justifies the price in my opinion.
I hope they make more pieces for their future collections so it does not feel like buying a Teaparty ticket XD

What is your opinion about this brand?

Which piece of jewellery would you love to have from this brand?
Let me know it in the comments!