29 November 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Day 8 (Q-Pot. Cafe, Tokyo Tower)

Hello lovelies,

I remember we had really bad weather that day! It rained so it was hot and humid all the time and that definitely sucks in Japan D: But we it did not keep us from doing some sightseeing at all. First Yaya and me went to a tea shop since Yaya loves green tea! There we made a tea ceremony. I am not a big fan of matcha tea since it is too bitter for me but I was strong and drank it up xD
We saw there these cute sweets so we bought them even though we did not know what it exactly was xD Its taste was not that bad but it was not that good to eat them all xD
On our way to the Q-Pot. Cafe we saw a pretty funny T-shirt saying "Deutsche Bahn AG" (German train service)! It seems to me there were a lot of german words on shirts and bags . .I saw a bag saying "Danke!" (Thank you) written on it o.O
So, finally we reached the Q-Pot. Cafe! It was a really vintage but cute looking building with those lovely menu in front of it.
We were seated in the bisquit area <3 It was so lovely there and I regretted bringing my cookie bag with me :D I ordered the seasonal ice cream/jelly/drink:
It was a mix of coconut, vanilla and pineapple - exactly my flavour! But I did not like the jelly with pineapple pieces at the bottom of the glass. The texture was awful D:
This macaron was so delicate and wonderful I did not want to eat it first^^  Its taste was pistachio and it was delicious! After we were finished we checked out Gacha machines in the shop where I got me 2 buttons. You can see them in this post: *click*
In the evening of that day we went out again to see the Tokyo tower. It looked wonderful with all that lights *Q*
But even better was the view we experienced up there:
Doesn`t it look amazing? I immediately felt so small seeing all the buildings, cars and people out there . .
And I also got to see the Starfish Crossing from the tower! It is a popular photo motive of Japan you often find on the internet. It was wonderful to see that with my own eyes. Afterwards we got us something to eat and prepared for our trip to Osaka!
Stay tuned!


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