03 November 2015

Metamorphose Teaparty in Vienna: The Outfit

Hello lovelies,

I got so many shots of my outfit, me and my lovely ones and I want to show most of them so I dedicate this post to my winning outfit :) I am still excited when I am just thinking of this happy memory:
Rob made this funny shot of me and Yaya taking a selfie with my new phonexD This is the result:
I am happy with the better quality of my phone pic and our cute selfie :D
Onto my outfit:
Headdress: Jam or Pains // Feather Bolero: Etsy // JSK: Metamorphose // Belt, Lace Bolero, Accessories: Random // Shoes: Deichmann

It was a really quick composition since I bought the JSK in Japan (<3) and therefor I knew what my mainpiece was. I had the rest already at home but I ordered the feather bolero via etsy shortly before the event.
We had a photographer who made wonderful pics of everyone! 
I love this pic of us 2! It definitely has a special place in my heart and it will get a special place in my flat <3
And a special place on my head had this little fellow raven from Jam or Pains!
I hope you enjoyed my little reports about the Metamorphose Teaparty in Vienna! The next part concerns our evening event, the Gothic Dandy & Lolita Music Festival!



  1. Hi, Lisa! Austria is one of my favourite countries in the world so I'll be sneaking here frequently :D Metamorphose is my favourite lolita brand (even when it's a hit or miss every release). I tend to wear only black, white and red so a green coordinate it's kind of risky to me, but let´s see how it goes someday :D

    1. Thank you for letting me know! Jep, that about Meta is actually true :D
      I will check out your blog immediately!
      Greetings, Lisa

  2. Your outfit was absolutely amazing ♥ Still my favourite from the whole Tea Party ! And the amazing raven pin in your hair whaa *o* so cute !

    1. Awwww thank you! You found me, yay ^o^
      It is wonderful to meet other Lolita/Alternative bloggers like you!
      I hope to see you at other events too:)