17 November 2015

Lolita Bring & Buy 102015

Hello lovelies,

just ignore the fact my last post is again a week old D: The last weeks were crazy o.O Anyway to conclude my post about the Teaparty weekend in Vienna I tell you about the Bring&Buy a part of the team organized. Here are my impressions of the day:
Someone sold those 2 cute ponies!
A lot of bags . . .
. . . and shoes!
There were a lot of temptations but I resisted bravely (the most)!:D
Even though I was tired as hell I had fun helping and talking to the guests. Here are my purchases:
Skirt: Cloudberry Lady // Skirt, Headbow, Necklace: Innocent World // Brooch: Miss Danger Shop
Even though I bought a lot I also earned some money through my sales :3 I am really happy with all my new stuff! I cannot decide what to wear to the next meetup x)
Since I do not have a full body shot of my outfit I took this pic:
OP: Innocent World //  Cardigan, Bracelets, Tights: Offbrand// Shoes: Mademoiselle R // Necklace: Lollipops
After the hard working day we went for a coffee and afterwards to the restaurant where we had our farewell dinner for Metamorphose and Die Milch!
Thank you, Ann, for this cute pic! But you are still missing ;D
So, the Teaparty Madness is sadly over but we are planning some soon-to-come events so it is not that bad! I am really glad I joined the team, no regrets here :)

So, the teaparty weekend is now done with this post and I continue with posts from Japan but I will mix them with some other which are already piling up xD
Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Winter Loliday is coming! How's the weather there? I like to see all the winter cords around the world, here in a tropical country wearing a coat in winter it's very suffocating and not the best choice.

  2. I wish I'd own all these items of clothing, but it's so hard to get neat items here! specially at a reasonable price. : <
    You all looked gorgeous!

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*