24 November 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Day 7 (Harajuku)

Hello lovelies,

as promised I am moving on with my holidays in Japan! On sunday we made us a lovely shopping day in Harajuku :D We checked out a lot of shops like Closet Child, the whole LaForet, Kiddyland, the Line Shop and we also went to Raagf, a bunny cafe! So this was out shopping group:
Medoly, Aviva, me, Lea, Duplica, Jassi and Yaya
First we strolled around Takeshita Street and then to an indie label market. We had to wait to enter since there was a long queue so we decided to get something at Jardin de Luseine:
I forgot to take some pics inside because it was pretty crowded but at least I photographed my purchases from that day:)
My outfit for the day:
 Headbow, Shoes: Offbrand // Cardigan: ETC // Necklace: Tokimeki //  Brooch: Jam or Pains// Skirt: Haenuli 

I love both so much :D Jam or Pains was also at this indie label market and the seller was happy to see me wearing their brooch! Afterwards we went to find the bunny cafe and stopped at Candy Show Time:
The shop was awesome and we also saw how those small candies were made! I have to say I was disappointed of the bunny cafe . . we had a half hour and one bunny for 8 persons. 
It was cute but definitely overstrained so they changed it with this one. It was really curious about everything and also hungry so it ate the most of our food. 
Afterwards we checked out the Line Shop since Yaya and me use the app a lot! Look which giant we found in the store :D
Brown is soo awesome and huge! I bought some souvenirs for my bf <3 When we were on our way home we met someone fancy as fuck:
KAWAII GRANDPA! You may know him from some street snaps and/or the whole internet xD He was really nice and talked a bit in english with us. Finally we reached our appartment and I took again pics of my purchases of the day:
I love the yodare bear of Monomania so I bought 2 shirts and buttons:3 From Algonquins, also situated in LaForet, I bought the cross choker (underneath the Show Time Candy). In the lower right corner you see my purchases from the indie label market: a brooch from Jam or Pains and a necklace from Tokimeki.
This is all I bought in some Closet Childs that day: Button: MILK // Necklace: Btssb // Headbow: AatP // Hair Combs: AP // Mook: Q-Pot.
And my stuff from Kiddyland: A charm from Kiki´s Delivery Service, sticky notes and a scissors from Sumikkogurashi and a tree spirit for friends! The buttons are from the Q-Pot. cafe we also visited that day but I do a separate post about it :)

P.S.: I think there is a problem with Blogger since nearly all my justification do not work in this post D: I am sorry for that!


  1. Aw, it sucks about the bunny café. I really want to visit one day but I guess it is not worth the hype. ; (

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

    1. I guess it is better to have an own bunny or a friend who owns a pet bunny but do not to waste your money in these bunny cafes..it is just my opinion but maybe you would like it there ^.^