27 Oktober 2015

Metamorphose Teaparty in Vienna: The Teaparty

Hello lovelies,

yep, the Teaparty was a really happy event for me :) This pic was shortly before the guests arrived and Ann snapped my happy face but I did not know then that it will be even greater than being a part of the team and seeing everything going smooth :D
Important things first: Shopping before the huge mass buys everything I want!
My Teaparty haul is in the previous post here: *click*
While checking out the other stalls I had time to take a (derp) pic with Coco and Mocha from 'Die Milch'! Mocha is soooo cute and I was waiting to hear them live this evening at the Gothic Dandy & Lolita Music Festival!
Time for food: So much delicious food was available <3 Fruit salad, some fish, schnitzel rolls and 'Punschkrapferl' (small rum-flavoured pastry with pink icing) for desserts.
Next up was the fashion show with Metamorphose's latest designs:
Witch in the Forest: *click*
 Little Squirrel: *click*
Antique Bouquet: *click*
Here are 2 videos from Lolitas who made a video of the fashion show: *click* *click*
After the fashion show I had some more time for shopping and talking to friends about the new releases you could buy afterwards! I love the 'Witch in the Forest' print a lot but I wanted it in grey and there was only the JSK available its design I do not like xD
The Q&A with Taira Chinatsu started soon and I was able to listen to the first answers. Since I was responsible for the raffle I had to get all the prizes from the back of the hotel and could not listen to the last answers. Before we started the raffle Taira chose 2 winners for the best outfit contest:
Well . .one of them was me O.O I never thought of having a chance to win it because I was a team member and she knew me and I saw coords better coordinated than mine . . when I bought the skirts at the shop Taira told me she loved my feather bolero but I did not take this as a hint xD At least you cannot see my shock at the pic:D
This was my price: Princess Wardrobe Pinafore Set in beige
Sadly it is not my colour scheme I prefer but I hope I can trade it with the black version which I really like!
Time for the group picture! Maybe you can spot me?^^

Now you know why the first pic was my happy pic :) My next post is about my outfit and some more pics of me! Stay tuned!



  1. Gratuliere, dass du beim besten Outfit gewonnen hast.
    Ich danke dir auch fürs Organisieren der Teaparty. Ihr habt das super gemacht :)

    1. Vielen Dank!
      Mir hat es viel Spaß gemacht, wir sicher nicht die letzte Teaparty sein, bei der ich mitmische :D

  2. Nice event. I wish there will be teaparty here ~

    Ryu の Sekai

  3. Cool pics, like ur post=))


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