10 Oktober 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Day 5 (Sunshine Aquarium & Pokémon Center)

Hello lovelies, 

I finally found some time to write some more T_T  I am now class teacher of a first class and therefor I have to do a lot more  and attend more school events than before and it is really time consuming and exhausting for me so I rarely find some time for blogging..I definitely want to change this and I decided to interrupt the first week of my Japantrip after I posted day 7 and focus onto the upcoming Metamorphose Teaparty where I am part of the team!
We started our day early and went straight to Sunshine City to the Aquarium! I really enjoyed all the fishes there*O* This translucent species was really hard to photograph:
There were also a lot of different types of jellyfish around! I really loved those shiny blue ones so much <3
We also were lucky to see an otter performance..it was sooooooo cute <3 See it shaking hands with its zookeeper:
Together they showed us some tricks and how they eat clams! I really enjoyed my first otter parade :3 I love those animals:
This was its last pose so everyone was able to take a pic of its cute face :3 After we saw everything in the Sunshine Aquarium we went to the Pokémon Center where I bought a lot :D Well, I could have gone crazier but I retained myself and now I am proud xD
While waiting in the long queue I took a pic of Mega-Lucario, the favourite Pokémon of my bf, and Mega-Mewtwo Y. I was overwhelmed seeing all the merchandise of all the Pokémons! 
Afterwards we went to Marui One Shinjuku for some more shoppping and finally home. My haul of the day:
I bought a JSK and matching hair bows at the Metamorphose shop for the Teaparty. From the Pokémon center I got me some pens, pencils for friends, cookies, a pocket mirror, a Vulpix and some Gachapon figures. In a book shop there I found the newest Kera, a Sherlock Manga, stationery and a cute booklet for notes.

I really enjoyed the day and I would definitely love to come back again to Sunshine City :D
Stay tuned for Ai Akizuki´s birthday party where we were invited to :)



  1. Oh, das Plüschi <3 Vulpix & Vulnona waren meine ungeschlagenen Lieblinge aus der ersten Generation!

    Liebe Grüße!

    1. Das sind sie bei mir immer noch ^.^

      Liebe Grüße zurück!