28 September 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Vampire Cafe

Hello lovelies,

after our exhausting shopping trip in Shibuya we wanted to visit a theme cafe to crown this pricey day ! The Vampire Cafe was an absolute must for me to go there since I am a big fan of Gothic styles, vampires and everything :D A good-looking vampire showed us our table which was behind some chiffon curtains and the only light there was a candle:
I loved the place there so much! Everything was so harmonious and awesome <3 All drinks and dishes had a creepy name so you did not really know what was in there.
I ordered an eyeball drink! It looked really creepy but it tasted good ^.^ They paid so much attention to every detail. I ordered a dessert ( I do not know how it was called D:) but it was delicious:
The funny thing was the waiter vampire put the plate on the table and poured the burning berry mix over the ice cream and the cake! It was awesome to watch but therefor my parsley got burned xD
Just look at those fancy menues :D
The atmosphere was awesome, the food delicious and I definitely want to go there again <3 
Next up is the Sunshine City Aquarium, the Pokémon Center and some more shopping!



  1. I have to agree on atmosphere and food (delicious) but did ye also wait for food for 2+ hours? That happened to me and my friends :/

    1. Now you mention it we waited an hour, I think?
      But 2 hours are really too much!

  2. That's so bloody cool! wish I can visit cafe like this! > ω <

    Ryu の Sekai

  3. I dream of going to Japan one day and your blog is making me extremely anxious for that glorious day! I completely adore how this café looks! Please never stop blogging. <3
    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

    1. I hope your dream comes true really quick! It is really gorgeous there and I definitely want to go ther next year again <3
      Thank you, dear!