07 September 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Day3 (Sanrio Puroland)

Hello lovelies,
on out third day in Japan we went to the Sanrio Puroland! It is a theme park with all the characters of Sanrio and since I am a big fan of Hello Kitty and Kuromi I had to be there :D 
First we wanted to go there all but before we were there one of my companions decided not to go . . so Yaya and me went together on our adventurous trip to Tama xD
Twinkle Journey with Kiki and Lala 
The park was huuuge and had a lot of awesome decorations like hearts, velvety and lucient bows! The staff was really nice and spoke really good english.
It seemed like a total other world to me! In honour of My Melody´s and Kiki&Lala´s 40th anniversary we watched a parade full of dancing and singing! After this stimulus satiation we got us something to eat . . we needed that:
We were starving so we got us burgers, fries, nuggets and a dessert in a box :D Sadly the burger you saw in the first pic was not the best one but at least the rest was good! 
Afterwards we saw a Hello Kitty x Alice in Wonderland Musical! It was really funny and thankfully it was translated to english via a video screen so we were able to understand their dialogues and songs too :)
My favourite character was definitely the Joker/the black rose! He had some fancy costumes and funny texts like 'ultura glamourous' which made us laugh really hard :D
After the main programm we had some dances of the different characters of the play! Here you can see Daniel, the boyfriend of Hello Kitty, sancing with human support in a Tuxedo X)
Me on the Hello Kitty carriage in front of Lady Kitty´s house :3
To mark the occasion of the 40th anniversary there was an extra Purikura booth and we took the chance of course :D This time we failed just a little bit, not that much like in our first one xD
My purchases from there: A Hello Kitty face mask so you look like her (XD), sticky notes and a cute towel. The towel is a must-have in Japan when it is that hot and I love the design of it :3

In the evening we went to the Alice in Wonderland Café in Shinjuku and that is what you see in the next post :)