21 September 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Day 4 (Shibuya)

Hello lovelies,

on day 4 we checked out Shibuya! We really regretted walking there because it was reeeeally hot and humid T_T Therefor there are no pics of me :x Some special places we wanted to see at all costs were the Hachiko statue and Shibuya 109!
I do not know what this is but I like those big colourful tassels a lot :D We had a hard time finding Hachiko because there were to many people in front of it xD
We did not want to queue up to take a pic with the statue so I got some other people on my pic^^ I like the story behind the statue! Here it is if you want to read it too: *click*
Afterwards we made it to our shopping mecca for this day: Shibuya 109
In there I was not allowed to take pics of the shops there which is really sad but every single shop looked so awesome! It would be wonderful if the shop keepers in Austria had the same ambition to present their brand as the japanese do:D
Back in the apartment we threw all shopping bags together, a lot, right?XD I think it escalated a little bit but I do not regret it :D
I bought a dress and a shirt from Glad News! I am absolutely in love with this brand after my Japan trip! It is simple but edgy and I love it <3
The Eyescream eyeliner and the Dollywink lashes and glue are from a drugstore in there, the holographic necklace and the ear cuff are from Grandedge, a really lovely jewelry shop and the pearl necklace with the pointe shoe charm is from . .
. . Liz Lisa! I have not ever thought of buying stuff from this brand since it was always too girly or too short for my taste:D These shoes were my first time trying japanese shoes and the fit perfectly <3 I love lavender, lacing around the ankles and flocky things so I had to have them! Matching to the 'Prima ballerina' theme I bought the necklace :)

So this was a exhausting shopping day but it was really worth it!
Stay tuned for my visit in the Vampire Café :3



  1. So viel Shopping. Hat das überhaupt in den Koffer reingepasst ;P