23 Oktober 2015

Metamorphose Teaparty in Vienna: The shops

Hello lovelies,

I finally found time to write my first blog entry about the Metamorphose Teaparty where  was part of the organizaton team! Since I am still waiting for pics with a smaller watermark I present you some other pics I made at the teaparty ^.^ First up all about the shops  photographed there:
Shortly before the opening: Everyone was hectically assembling every single shop :D
Medusa Couture, a Swiss indie label I already made a review of here, was also here! Mara looked lovely in her self designed dress!
Lolita KompleX had also a booth there since they played in the evening at the Gothic Dandy & Lolita Music Festival! The shirt is so cute but I definitely got too many band shirts D:
The biggest booth was of course from Metamorphose. They had lovely accessoires and a lot of clothes with them. The first pic of the post shows 3 prints I absolutely adore from them :)
On the right was Mighty Kingdom, a label based in Germany. Many flowery and lacy things were sold there!
This shop really surprised me because I knew them from LVER but somehow it went past me that they sell such awesome stuff o.O
I fell in love with these brooches/headdresses and bought the rabbit one.. Miss Danger Shop is wonderful for new headwear and brooches <3
Saki's Forestglade Jewelry is an Austrian label based in Vienna. Sarah is a lolita I know from the meet-ups and I am happy to support her shop here :)
She makes accessories for every lolita style!
Porcelain Doll was so nice and also sold Cloudberry Lady's clothes and accessories! I felt the urge to buy the black bonnet on the right and a lovely skirt from Porcelain Doll but I was able to resist and give my wallet a break since I shopped a lot at the Metamorphose booth...here are my gets and purchases of the day:
Some stuff we put into the goodie bags was left so we split them in the team. Every attandee got hairclips from Metamorphose and a memorial booklet with rabbit-chan on it:)
The mystery bag from crapwaer was my raffle prize. It turned out to be a Do-it-yourself-necklace-kit xD
I bought the Mermaid Princess Skirt and matching Shell Ribbons in 'lavender'. For me it is more like a light blue but I like it anyway :3
In the end of the teaparty Metamorphose made a sale so everything was reduced. The night carnival print caught my eye because of its weird and funny colours. I knew this series before but was not very fond of it but I really liked it in navy and it was 40% off so I got it :D
Accidentally I bought the matching headdress to it before I knew it xD It is so matching since both items got gold lace and bunnies on it :)
Next post up will be about the teaparty itself! I hope to get my pics in time..otherwise I have to show you them with the big watermark D: Stay tuned <3



  1. So many neat things!! I love those sundae necklaces <3 I'm a new follower of your blog! :)

  2. Ahw...the teaparty was so nice and I enjoyed myself so much!

    These events are always such a highlight to me and I'm even so excited in advance. I keep telling everybody who wants to (or doesn't want to, hehe :P) hear everything about it and sometimes I feel like I might be reaching the "annoyingly excited friend" level :'D