11 Dezember 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Day 8 (Osaka: Universal Studios)

Hello lovelies, 

moving on with my posts about my Japan trip Yaya and me also went to Osaka for a day. We got there with a shinkansen, a really fast train, met there the designer of Metamorphose to talk about our teaparty and afterwards we got to see the Universal Studios
There we mainly stayed in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter since we both are huge fans of the books and films:
Entering a new world never looked so awesome <3
We had like 30 degrees outside and there was snow on the roofs - somehow weirdly irritating XD
The shops looked so cool *Q*
Inside this shops you could buy all kinds of 'magical' items like scarfs, robes, and more from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. 
The big Bertie Botts beans in the shop window were really fancy! We were really thirsty from running around so we got us some ice cold butterbeer:

It was delicious and refreshing but really sweet!
Now onto my outfit for that day - since we met Taira, the designer of Metamorphose, I wore Lolita. But I changed to comfortable flats after the meeting since we walked a lot that day:
Hair Bows: Angelic Pretty // Choker: Wego // Bolero: Secondhand // JSK: Baby the Stars shine bright // Flats: New Yorker
I liked my look that day even though it was pretty casual and I tried out the twin tails again. I always thought they make me look really childish but I like it with wavy hair^^ I also got a lot of 'Kawaii!'-comments which made me feel even better :)
In the evening we watched the Hogwarts castle itself. It was (logically) smaller than the real one but it looks impressing anyway! There was an attraction inside but we had to wait 2 hours to get in so we decided not to go to it.
The lights in the evening gave the extra eery touch :D Later we found some house flags and I definitely had to pose with the Slytherin flag since I bought a hoodie for support ;)
Before we left the Universal Studios we let a guy take a pic of us both in front of the big spinning logo:
Well, he also pictured a ghost on it xD No, it was just a too quick man;D
It was a wonderful but too short stay at the Universal Studios! We would have needed at least 2 to 3 days to check everything out. It was a really ehausting day but I am happy about it and do not want to miss the memories from it <3
Thank you for passing by!