29 Dezember 2015

Instagram: September & October

Hi lovelies,
while I was occupied with posting all about my Japan trip ( well it is not over yet. . ) I totally forgot about my Instagram posts even though I was steadily posting there too o.o In August I uploaded only pics about Japan so I skip this month and post about September and October now:
The first pic was just a random selfie since I was bored and alone at the train station and I wore my new Avengers shirt xD  The second one shows all the school cones I made for my new class I am the class teacher of! I made them with my previous class as a gift for the little kids :)
On the first school day I got loads of beautiful flowers and these were the most colourful vibrant ones so I took a pic of them <3 Aren't they charming?
My bf and me got sick and he went to get some medicine from the pharmacy and bought those lovely honey bears which only  come in pairs. I think this is so adorable and so much better and cuter than the regular Haribo gum bears :D
While taking a walk near Schönbrunn I found this funny announcement written with leaves and chestnuts on the floor. It is a great idea even though it is spelled wrong :D
This was my lovely headpiece I bought in Japan and I wore it to the Metamorphose Teaparty where I was part of the organization team! Here are my posts about this event: *shops there* *teaparty* *my outfit*
I bought those fancy dinosaur fossil cookie cutters on Amazon and immediately made cookies with them: They look so awesome! I definitely need to make more in the near future :D
I celebrated Halloween with friends in my hometown but the day before I left Vienna I could not decide what to wear . . so I gathered all my creepy accessories and tried some looks and ended up with this xD Well, I did not ore everything like on the pic but it was a nice night anyway :)

How were your autmn months?


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