22 Dezember 2015

Post-International Lolita Day 2015

Hello lovelies,
the 5th December was this years second International Lolita Day! Since our community held a meet-up on the 5th in Vienna, Yaya and me made one on the 6th in Linz. Not everyone has the possibilities to go to Vienna so we celebrated ILD with the first meeting of our tea party society. We should meet up once in 1-2 months and test some new Café´s together:
This was my nougat cake from the Café Traxlmayr! It is a beautiful, traditional vintage- looking Café and everything was delicious there! We did not make any pics while being there because we were talking nearly the whole time . . I was pretty satisfied with my outfit so I did some pics afterwards at home:
Headbow: Alice and the Pirates // Blouse: H&M // Gilet: New Yorker // Necklace: Tokimeki // Brooch: Miss Danger Shop // Skirt: Metamorphose // Shoes: Secondhand
Now onto tons of detail photos since I did not make more that day XD
I also used the matching bunny bag with it. It is from Ahcahcum Muchacha =:3 This is the lovely headbow I found in a Closet Child in Japan. Somehow I think most headbows do not suit me because I do not have bangs but I like the bows on the side a lot:
I rarely wear earrings but these mirrored ones found their way into my not so tiny collection of them ^^" I like those details a lot:
I kept my make-up pretty simple (since I forgot a lot of it at home) and gave my eyelids some golden shimmer to have the accent colour of the outfit there too:
It looks yellowish in this light but I swear it was gold o.O
The brooch is so lovely <3 It is a bit hard to wear since the bunny mask is too heavy for one clip but I will fix it with some glue and a second clip ^.^
One of my most precious pieces I got recently - a ghost necklace from Tokimeki! I saw it somewhere in the internet and knew I had to have it. Then it was sold out often, I saw it in Japan but a other bought it in front of my eyes but I finally found it on Chiffonrose <3
Last but not least my lovely shoes: I really like them a lot but they hurt so badly after a certain time D: Anyway they look good xP

I am so failing posting up-to-date posts and this is definitely something I want to changexD
Since tomorrow is my last day of work this year and I got 2 weeks off I hope to catch up with everything ^.^

Thank you for stopping by!