30 Dezember 2015

My Lolita Outfits of 2015

Hello lovelies, 

It is the end of the year so I had the wonderful idea to make a summary of all my Lolita outfits I wore in 2015! It is also interesting for me which style I chose the most: Gothic and Classic Lolita are on the first place, on the second place is Sailor/Pirate Lolita. All in all there are 12 outfits I posted so be prepared for a small recap :)

My favourite outfit of the first 6 is the piraty one because I wore this substyle for the first time and I made a lot myself  for it! I also liked my sweetest classic look because I love the print of it - strawberry jam!

It is hard for me to choose from this 6 just one outfit . . First I pick the Kuro Lolita one since I wore it in Japan, it was so simple but I got many compliments. On second place is my quick and spontaneous outfit for the teaparty where I did not expect to win anything since I was in the organization team!
Oh all the lovely memories :D

What is your favourite outfit of my Lolita year?
Let me know it in the comments ^.^



  1. I really like your coords!
    Theone I like most is your second Outfit with the cute brown Cardigan.
    You look so naturally on this Foto and I'm in love with this colour combination.


    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, it reminds my a lot of Mori Kei :)

  2. Even though it is quite simple (or maybe because of that?)I like the kuro one best! You've worn so many pretty outfits this year! I really like the strawberry jam one aswell and the purple flowery dress suits you really well too!

    1. Yeah I feel the same and I don't know why xD
      Thank you dear ^.^