06 Juni 2016

Rock in Vienna 2016 ~♪

Hello lovelies,

last weekend was the Rock in Vienna on the Danube Island! I got myself an 'early bird' ticket and paid less than the regular price. I knew I had to be there when they announced Rammstein and Babymetal and since this will be the only festival for me this year I was happy to buy a 3 day- pass!
I started with some friends on friday after we ate pizza at my home. Luckily the line for me was not that long and we got to see Pain:
I liked their songs even though I just know this single song: *click* The vocalist also had birthday and got a black cake from the band . . in his face xD
I listened to Anthrax from the back and went to get a Rammstein shirt for me. When it was my turn to order I had to get my 4th favourite shirt because all the others were sold out D:
Babymetal was for me the greatest fun this day! It also seemed to me the crowd was more motivated during this concert. In my opinion their concert was as great as these I saw before!
It was sad to read such bad critics about Babymetal. For example a newspaper wrote they are the bad joke of Japan to enter the Eurovision Songcontest :( 
After Babymetal played Slayer I also listened to outside the wavebreaker. Then a friend of mine did not feel that well so we waited with him until Rammstein and enjoyed it in the back. Therefor I do not have any good pics of it . .but the people really had fun although the video wall did not work the whole time and Tills microphone stopped working for a short time. The fire show and the fireworks were amazing!
On saturday I stayed at home since there was not a band I wanted to see.
On sunday we came to Zakk Wylde and afterwards Powerwolf. The last named band had a funny vocalist and because they were from Germany it was even funnier to listen to his stories^^ It is definitely a band I will start listen to!
Afterwards I saw Gojira, a french band which is really musical talented and the singer too but for me it lacks the singing parts. The singer shouts and screams mostly.
While listening to Kreator and waiting for Nightwish a strong rain caught us. Luckily we took our rain jackets with us and it lasted just 15 minutes. The pic above shows the dark clouds, our unamused faces and the rainbow after it.
Nightwish had to shorten their show due to the rain and did not played some classics like Nemo. But I like the new singer Floor Jansen and her outfit a lot.
Afterwards we got us a snack to eat and we wanted to wait until Iron Maiden. But it started to rain heavily again so we decided to go home^^'
I really hate rain on me, and I was tired and hungry so I was happy to get a hot shower and something good to eat!
As last year I had a blast with my friends and I am looking forward to the next year!



  1. Rammstein *_* will ich auch unbedingt mal sehen.
    und Babymetal sind halt sehr... speziell?! Ich kann sie ehrlich gesagt auch nicht so ernst nehmen, aber Japaner haben halt 'ne komplett andere Musikkultur..