05 Februar 2015

Woodland Bunny searches for name - recommendations welcome :D

Hello lovelies, 
you may know this little guy from this and that post but I announced it already to make an own dedicated pic post for him:3
I got the cutie from Chiffonrose which works like a reseller(?) for various brands. There is the brand Jams or Pains included which produces these brooches: *click*
I got the Woodland Bunny Rosette with a lovely hand written letter and a business card from Chiffonrose!

Look at aaaall the details *Q* The fur is so soft and it even got whiskers!
I really like the tassel tangling down from the bunny :3 It makes it even cuter!A german Lolita was lucky to get a Gentleman Cat Rosette and asked on Facebook how to name it . .
First I found it silly to name a brooch but after some time seeing the Bunny everyday and feeling its cuteness always more it has to get a name > . <
I am still searching for a matching one -  it should be cute but also elegant :3
If you got some suggestions let me know in the comments!



  1. Lovely bunny, i would call him Hendell :3

  2. He's really cute, lucky you got him! His colour somehow reminds me of walnuts, so I'd call him Mr. Walnut ;)

    1. I would definitely go for an old name and a nature inspired last name :D