19 Februar 2015

✿ Crafting stuff for La vie en Rose ✿

Hello lovelies, 

tomorrow I am going to Paris ~♪ There I will enjoy La vie en Rose with lovely Yaya because we got valentine tickets <3 On sunday we will try to see a bit of Paris and then the Baby the stars shine bright Teaparty will be the next event :)
Of course I had to craft something for my outfits for the 2 events:
I guess those accessories make the style of one outfit pretty clear - Pirate Lolita it is! It is my first time trying that so I hope I am hitting it ;D
The previous tenant of my flat left this ship there and I knew immediately for what I could use it :D
I bought the trunk and the tricorn to bling them up with pearl, chains, a ship and feathers :)
The brooch is from Vanillas Traumfabrik! I bought it at the IW Teaparty in Vienna 2013.
This is the second headpiece I made for Paris but I am not sure if I use it . . I really love it but in my eyes that alone on my head too little and with a bonnet it is definitely too much D:
Everything is recycled :3 The feathers are from a hair clip, the pearls from an old necklace, the bat was once an earring, the picture frame is from a fleamarket and the lace is from old bows I did not need anymore :)
I am looking sooo much forward to the events and to all the lovely girls I am meeting there :3
Well, I am not keen on working on Monday again because Yaya and me will arrive around midnight or later D:

So I hope you are now curious seeing my outfits for Paris soon :D
Stay tuned!



  1. I love the accessories you made. I hope see it in outfits soon :)

  2. Oh, die Sachen sind so unheimlich schön geworden! *_* <3
    Besonders der Tricon gefällt mir wahnsinnig gut!