26 Februar 2015

✿ La vie en Rose: staff 'n' stuff :D ✿

Hello lovelies,

I am back from Paris since sunday midnight but I had no  time to post anything D: I needed my time to sleep, be happy about my stuff I bought and edit the pics :D I am not done with my last activity but since the last post was nearly a week ago I give you a small insight of La vie en Rose:
The star guests: Ayumi Watanabi with her brand Himitsu by syrup., BABI and KAIE from Triple Fortune and Masumi Kano for Baby the stars shine bright!
Lovely  accessories from Syrup.:
I got there several times and saw everytime something new xD The fluffyness, pastel colours, pearly things and see-through materials really stand for that brand :)
Grimoire is a very elegant and classic brand. I bought from them a necklace I already saw in the internet but I thought it is too  expensive. But oh well, I saw it in real life there and bought it in a flash :D I regret I did not buy one of these clips D: I saw it last year at fashion squid´s blog and was not quite sure about it . . now seeing the pics I would like to have one ;_;
This was a part of Moon Bunny´s booth! I like their accessories for my pastel goth outfits but this time I did not find anything :/
Here are some beautiful necklaces from Li-Paro! I longed for one with a rose inside since I first saw them but now I have one :3 
The Triple Fortune skirts were really lovely. I like the right one in the front with the lilac (?) and the butterflies a lot. I wanted to buy a bonnet but sadly they did not have a blackxblack one :/

So I hope you enjoyed the pics of  the LVER staff who provided a wonderful event in an awesome location and the stuff I took pics of :P
This was just the beginning so be prepared for more to come :D



  1. I've been observing pictures from LVER all week, sadly I couldn't go because exams got in the way! :/ oh well next time... Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your stay in Paris! :)

    1. What a pity D: Thank you, you definitely will see more :D