13 Februar 2015

Instagram: December & January

Hi lovelies,

it is time to remember the last 2 months - one in 2014 and the first on of 2015! 2014 was a year of big changes and chances for me: I finished my studies, got a job and moved with my bf to Vienna:3
So let us see what I pictured with Instagram^^ The pic above shows the lovely Syrup. bag I got from the CD Japan order: *click*
I got it in December but reviewed it just in January^^"
I had a wonderful Christmas at home with my family! The pic shows my cat wearing a small santa hat my mum bought for decoration . .well, my sister and I decorated the cat xD
Yaya and I had as last year an advent calendar swapping: *click* Aren´t those cat clips lovely? I already wanted to order them from H&M but luckily I got them from Yaya before :D
Because I got the holographic bag for christmas I had to have an accessory to pull of that outfit: *click* Holo love <3
For me and my bf I got these fancy Sherlock mugs because we are biiiig fans and I love their designs so much I had to have them :D You can check them out in this post: *click*
My bf and I celebrated New Year´s Eve with friends, Hello Kitty sparkling wine and more :D I hope it will be a kawaii year XD
The next upcoming review is about Killstar! I love those brand  but it is pretty expensive though. They had Sale so I grabbed some shirts I longed for a long time :D So stay tuned!
And here is the lovely dude who does not have a name until now >O< In this post you can find the full outfit: *click*

When I look at these pics I realize there are lacking some more selfies or in general pics with people. Hmm . .but when I make a selfie (yes, I do that sometimes) I am not that satisfied to post it on Instagram D: 
Do you know the struggle?
What are your self confident tips to be pleased with your selfie?



  1. Congrats on all your recent accomplishments! Very, very cute rabbit hairpiece. And so many cute cats in this post, hehe.


    1. Thank you!
      Oh yes, forgive me and my love for cats :D