16 Februar 2015

† ~ Beyond Infinity - 140215 ~ †

Hello lovelies,

I spent my valentines day with some friends and my sister at a concert :D My sister´s boyfriend ist the vocalist of the band so I took the opportunity to practice my photographing skills in a dark location with colourful light!
I love the green shadows in this pic :D
Here is an audio test for the interested one:
It was my first time at a concert from Beyond Infinity and I am really glad I went there :D You know I like supporting young labels and other starter projects - so it is with new bands!

The fog effected the pics not bad!
The Heyman :D
This pic reminds me a lot of the pic I took at the HIM concert from the Nova Rock 2013^^
Weee a smiling metal head - what a rarity ;D

It is also rare to catch the hidden drummer but I did it ;D
I hope the band is satisfied with my free pics! I had fun trying out new modes on my cam and I hope I made your ears hungry for more :P
For more upcoming and soon-to-be concerts check out their Facebook page: *click*
Which new band do you think is worth supporting? Tell me in the comments :)


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