28 Februar 2015

✿ La vie en Rose - my outfit ✿

Hello lovelies,

today I show you my outfit from LVER! I had the chance to get the Sleeping Beauty JSK from Alice and the Pirates before the event. So I had to do an outfit with one of my dreamdresses for it:
Bonnet: Medusa Couture // Rose Alice Band: Handmade // Wig: Lockshop // JSK: Alice and the Pirates // Cardigan, Tights, Shoes: Offbrand // Bag: Innocent World
I got the necklace a long time ago and it is funny how it suits the dress :D With the rings I tried to get more gothy vibe to my outfit:)
This was lovely Team Austria (with some french addition) ~ 
It was great fun travelling with the ladies and the man :)
The next posts will be about the lovely fashion shows from Triple Fortune, Baby the stars shine bright and many Indie labels!
I bought a lot so stay tuned for my haul you will see in the following posts!


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