29 Januar 2015

Dead Cheap Fashion - Sweatshop

Hello lovelies,

today I want to talk about a pretty tender subject. The series 'Sweatshop' is about 3 bloggers from Norway which have the opportunity to experience how the clothes from certain textile shops are made. In Cambodia.
First they fail to see what is totally wrong when they compare their life to the life of a Cambodian woman working in a sweatshop.
But trough doing the work of one of those women, sleeping in the 'flat' of her and trying to buy and cook food for 10 people with the income of 3$ a day they realize that this is not somehow fair.
Please watch the 5 episodes and just realize like them what we have to do about this:
Episode 1: *click*     Episode 2: *click*    Episode 3: *click*     Episode 4: *click*     Episode 5: *click*

What says the tag of your new bought jeans/shirt/skirt? 'Made in Cambodia' or something similar? You can be sure this garment is the product of a sweatshop.

So, you are asking yourself what to do now? Where do you find clothes from sellers who care for sustainability and do not use sweatshops in other countries?

Here are my tips:

~ Buy your clothes in Secondhand shops or fleamarkets and give worn clothes a second chance and a new life!

~ If you do not like to go to fleamarkets buy online! There are a lot of websites where you can sell, buy and trade used clothes! I only know german ones like: Kleiderkreisel, Kleiderkorb, Mädchenflohmarkt,...

~ There are also a lot of  events where you can trade your clothes for a little service charge like 2-5€uros and find new stuff whick lacks your wardrobe!

~ It is not that easy to find clothes exactly in your size or after your fancy. But let us be creative and do some DIY with the clothes!
We can alter them, dy them and give them a completely new look!

I could write more and more but I post some more matching the topics in the next weeks :)
I hope the series gave you goosebumps and shivers down the spine as it did to me. Maybe some of you have to rethink their shopping habit and some do not want to realize it.

If you have some more tips, thoughts or more to the topic let me know it with a comment below!



  1. Neue Kleidung kaufen ist ja auch nichts schlimmes, wenns z.B. von einem lokalen Unternehmen kommt oder fair hergestellt wurde...

    1. Nein, natürlich nicht :)
      Aber das wollte ich in meinem nächsten Post erläutern^^

  2. Ich hab die Serie nicht gesehen, aber ich finds gut wenn die Leute dadurch auf die Thematik aufmerksam gemacht werden. Ich ertapp mich manchmal selber dabei, dass ich Kleidung kaufe, bei der ich weiß, dass sie nicht fair produziert worden ist, einfach weil sie mir in dem Moment so gefällt :/ Weil die Menschen die darunter leiden anonym und geografisch so weit entfernt sind ist es irgendwie leichter das ganze einfach zu verdrängen. Ziemlich schrecklich eigentlich.

  3. ich frag mich wo die japanischen Marken produzieren. Ein paar sachen sind aus China, aber Liz Lisa und Co.? hm

    1. Ein paar auch in Japan^^
      Aber ich kaufe Lolitasachen hauptsächlich secondhand, ein IW-JSK war da eine Ausnahme^^