17 Januar 2015

Christmas gifts - cute stuff, cats and Sherlock~♥

Hello lovelies,

better late than never, right?
Some of my christmas presents are (hopefully) still on their way to me therfor I did not want to wait longer to show you what I got :) I wrote a wishlist down right here: *click*
'Shades of Wonderland' is now the heaviest book in my shelf xD It is lovely even though some pics do not have the best quality to be printed in there.Further on my Holo bag arrived but not my backpack :( Here you can see an outfit with it: *click*

My Chiffonrose order and the order from Moon Bunny arrived luckily! I cannot tell you how much I adore the bunny brooch! It is so cute it deserves an own picture post :O
The Moon Bunny is full of details, I love those little faces <3
My sister gave me a Hello Kitty USB flash drive, cute Muffin forms with little flags and a travel guide for Japan. Maybe you can guess now where I am going to travel this year :D
One of the tights is still in the mail and I had to choose my favourite ones again because the first got sold out ;_; But I am also happy with them :)
I got all 3 Sherlock seasons :D My bf and I are now watching them all again in English! The voice of Benedict Cumberbatch is just awesome *O*
I bought this mug and a matching other one for me and my bf as present :) I love the pattern on it <3

I am really happy with all my presents :3
You too? Are you also 'sherlocked' as me?
Do you had the chance to snag one of those cute brooches from Chiffonrose?



  1. Hallo,

    OMG wie schön ist bitte diese Sherlocktasse? Woher hast du sie den? :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hallo Bea,
      die ist vom BBC Shop!
      Hier ist der Link: http://www.bbcshop.com/sherlock/sherlock-mug-bundle/invt/skhwmug01

      Liebe Grüße,


  2. Die Strumpfhosen sind ja toll *-*

  3. Tolle Geschenke :) die Sherlock Tasse ist wirklich wunderschön <3
    Und auch die Strumpfhosen sind echt süß <3