14 Januar 2015

CD Japan: Second Order~♪

Hello lovelies,

I ordered my second time at CD Japan! If you want to see the review about my first time and what I bought back then click here: *click*
This time I bought:
AHCAHCUM. muchacha Special Gift Box 2: *click*
~ Syrup. Mook : *click*
~ Doll Siesta - Book from Midori Fukasawa: *click*
Otome no Sewing BOOK 4 & 5: *click* *click*
~ Axes femme autumn/winter collection 2014-2015: *click*
 ~ Q-pot. Seasonal LOOK BOOK - Bitter Chocolate Cake: *click*

The Special Gift Box contained:
~ Bunny Bag

~ Post card book
~ Bunny box

I love the stripes and the face of the rabbit but I am not sure how to tie the ears onto the shoulder belt of the bag . . The box is really practical and cute :3
This is one of the post cards! I think they look funny but I would not send them to anyone. Some are really disturbing xD
The Syrup. bag is just too cute! I am looking forward seeing Himitsu by Syrup. at La vie en Rose in Paris! I did not have the chance yet to wear it outside.
Axes femme is a really elegant gyaru brand which also got some pieces you can use for Lolita^^ I really like their collection books and the bag seemed cute so I bought it^^ Sadly the bag is really small but I like the butterfly charm on it:)
Q-Pot is on of my favourite brands when it comes to jewellery and bags! Just look at that awesome bag cover :D It looks like melting chocolate!
Here you can see all bags I got from the Mooks I ordered :)
I bought the Otome no Sewing book 3 from a local Lolita and fell in love with the tutorials inside. I adore they sew stuff to re-enact certain drawn pics :)
And here is a pic out of Midori´s book! I really like her and so I got her first book with my first oder at CD Japan :) She uses various brands like Innocent World, Baby and more and combines them - it is very inspiring!

Sooo I am finally done doing that post :D
I hope to use my new bags soon for some outfits!
As I did not have problems with the first order I did not have them now :)



  1. AHHH! I am dying from the cuteness of all of it! That Ahcahcum gift box is especially adorable. The rabbit, the stripes, the colors: perfect!


  2. Wow, those bags look really nice! Did you also have to pay import tax?