21 Januar 2015

Let´s eat some cake ~!

Hello lovelies,

last weekend a small group of Lolitas wanted to visit a cake fair in Vienna. Sadly they did not have any overpriced tickets left so we got us some cake in a nearby Café :)
You see the lovely grouppic of us above!
I had some lovely hot chocolate and a vanilla cream filled cake :3
And here is my outfit I wore at the little meet:
Beret, Cardigan, Tights, belt: Offbrand // Brooches: Jams or Pains, Six // Necklace: Steinbienchen // OP, Bag: Innocent World // Shoes: Deichmann
Here you can also see my new coat I bought at New Yorker! My plaid one is now an old piece and got some signs of use because I wore it nearly every day in winter xD
Grey is loads easier to combine and I think I look more appropriate to my age ^^
Now onto the detailshots:
I just love love love this little dude to death :D Everyone should have such a cute brooch!
Here you can also see the pattern of the dress a lot better! As you might know I am craving for ornaments xD
And again legwarmers for keeping my feet warm in my new shoes :3 Right now I am adding more brown and offwhite stuff to my wardrobe so it was with those shoes^^
Mimi made a lovely video about this little meet:
It shows how many people took of us again and how big the selection of cakes was :D
I had a lovely time with the ladies, we talked about our soon coming journeys and enjoyed our cakes!
I am looking forward to the next time :)



  1. Oh toll...ich dachte es gibt in Wien schon ein Maid - Cafe oder ähnliches?!
    Das Outfit total meow
    LG Tanja

    1. Lolita hat nichts mit Maids zu tun, falls du das meinst. Aber ich weiß nichts davon^^

    2. Nene das weißt ich schon, den Unterschied kenne ich ;-) Dachte vielleicht gibt es in Wien mehr.

  2. Ich muss sagen, ich liebe diese japanischen Streetstyles so sehr :D Ob Lolita oder Decora oder oder... leider wird das immernoch nicht so schnell durchkommen im achso-toleranten-Deutschland -.-

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Es gibt in Deutschland eine riesige Community von Lolitas! Wenn es dich interessiert, gib bescheid, dann gebe ich dir den Link :)

  3. Die Details deines Outfits sind einfach mega schön <3 Und die komplette Farbkombi mag ich sehr ^-^ <3
    Hoffe ihr alle hatten Spaß und habt fleißig für uns Leser mitgegessen ;P