06 Januar 2015

Secret Santa //Advent calendar swapping

Hello lovelies,

as every year around christmas there are those typical traditions like having an advent calendar or participating in the 'Secret Santa' game!
A girl in our local community organized the 'Secret Santa'and I got this cute cake pendant which is shown in the pic above! I love the details :)
This is the christmas tree at my parents house. I like the red and gold theme with all the bows :3
*bonus cat included*
Yaya and me made our second Advent calendar swapping! My theme for this year was 'Classic Lolita'. Here you can see our first swap from 2014: *click*
I already wore the bow pins to the Christmas Meet Up in Steyr! I love the buttons and the mint cat clips anyway even though they do not fit the theme ;)
Pics of some christmas presents will follow later when I got all together because some are still on their way to me :P
I hope you had wonderful holidays!

What do you think about having an advent calendar? Is it childish for you?
And what about those Secret Santa games? Do you have bad experiences with it?



  1. I love that cake pendant! I participated in Secret Santa in our local community too! I received a cute pink notebook and a lovely pen :3 I think it's such a great idea to do gift swapping 。◕‿◕。

    Seraphine & The Striped Box

    1. Oh, those are nice and useful presents! Yes, I love to make someone happy and receive presents :D

  2. Wunderschöne Sachen und freut mich, dass du Freunde und Bekannte hast, die ih so gut kennen und wissen was u magst ^,^