28 Dezember 2014

Instagram: October & November

Hello lovelies,

it is time for the Instagram retrospective ! Well, what happened in those months?
I survived the first month in my new work, I had to do a lot of authority stuff and to make some adjustments in my new flat - what a busy month!
The pic above shows the fancy floor in the registration office in Vienna. I love those ornamental patterns :3
My parents visited me in my new flat and brought the most awesome toilet paper with them for me :D Everyone should have the privilege to have kawaii toilet paper!
As we wanted to drive to Schönbrunn to visit the zoo there were some creepy looking spiders on the car D: I think this one was a crab spider, it had a really aweful face on its behind o.O
I went home after a long school day and looked down when I sat at the tram station. I do not know what happened to my shoes but there were chalk stains all over them like I threw every piece down on or something like that XD
This was my little haul for Halloween. My hun and me were invited to a party. If you want to see what our costume was check out this post: *click*
This was the first time this year I wore my beloved leg warmers to Lolita :3 If you want to see the whole outfit I wore to see the clock museum click here: *click*
I like Katy Perry´s parfumes a lot! I also got the first one which is called 'Killer Queen' but this one smells even nicer :)
I was in the Nordico, a museum in Linz. There was colossal popcorn lying around xD The theme of the exhibition was food so it fitted there well^^

All in all the 2 months were hard because everything was still new to me but I really like it here in Vienna, my new job and to share the flat with my boyfriend :3
I am glad to be here!


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