19 Dezember 2014

★ Christmas Meet in Steyr ★

Hello lovelies,
last weekend we had a Christmas Meet in Steyr, Upper Austria. There we visited the christmas museum, had a private teaparty and enjoyed the Christmas market :3 Above you see our little group!
Let us have some short impressions of vintage Christmas tree decorations:
I think the painted strawberries and the little hot-air balloon are too cute :3
There is also a kind of a roller coaster in there but it is slower as the typical ones and it shows how people celebrate christmas in other countries around the world :)
This was my cute plate at our private teaparty in 'Fairy Heaven', a shabby chic-styled café!
This was our food for the afternoon tea <3 The place is so lovely and so is the owner!
Berett: Fleamarket // Golden Bows: Present // Necklace: Steinbienchen // Cardigan: H&M // Brooch: Secondhand // OP: Baby The Stars Shine Bright // Tights &Legwarmers: ??? // Shoes: Humanic
Detail shoooots:
I bought this brooch from a german Lolita and I absolutely adore her style and I could buy everything she sells D:
This is my new necklace from Steinbienchen which is an Austrian jewelry label :)
I got these bow pins from Yayas calendar swap :)
Look at my pretty eyeliner(◕‿◕✿)
I went for a cosy and warm look and drew the 
attention to my new accessories ^.^
What do you think about it? 
Aren´t we lovely? :*

Did you have an wonderful christmas meet?
What did you do?


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