14 Dezember 2014

Paris, Paris ~♪

Hello lovelies,

yep, you read it right! Next February I am going to Paris to join Street Fashion Europes event 'La vie en rose' on saturday and the the teaparty on sunday! I luckily got tickets for both events <3
It was sold out in minutes but most of our Austrian travel group got tickets :)
Now onto the events:
La vie en rose is the event which is organised from Street Fashion Europe in collaboration with Baby The Stars Shine Bright as main guest!
More awesome brands like Himitsu by Syrup, Grimoire, Triple Fortune, Atelier Pierrot and many more got anounced too!
The Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Teaparty will take place on the 22nd February in the Le Café Fauchon, a famous gourmet grocery shop of Paris.
There is a call for models for the 2 Fashion Shows there! If you have a ticket and are interested in becoming a model click here: *click*

Yaya and me got a Valentines ticket for Saturday and regular Teaparty tickets for Sunday :)
Sadly I am only able to stay in France from Friday to Sunday so we do not have much time to explore the city and do some sightseeing:/
So who else is going to be there?
I am looking forward to see every single one of you :)



  1. Oh god, you are so lucky! Have fun there :) I think that you'll be able to do some sightseeing as well, if you would have time in the evening, go check the Montmartre! It's beautiful in the evening, especially in this time of the year <3

    The last post on my blog~

  2. Oh wow, lucky you! Sounds like it's going to be awesome :)