23 Dezember 2014

~Wishlist for Christmas 2014~

Hello lovelies,
because it is short for christmas I would like to share my wishlist with you :3 I made 3 pics where I gathered all my wishes and made somehow themes. Let us start!
Dreamy Moon cat ring: Moon Bunny / Holographic bag: Storenvy // Winged backpack: Storenvy // Dreamy Cat Brooch: Moon Bunny
Let us call this one my Pastelgoth wishlist :D
I know I get the backpack and the Holo bag from my parents but the parcel did not arrive until now D: I hope they do soon o.o
A present from myself is a recent Moon Bunny order. I love her accessories and those cat faces <3
I hope they arrive also quickly!
Woodland Bunny Rosette: Chiffon Rose // Sherlock Season 1&2: Amazon // Shades of Wonderland: Thalia
The book 'Shades of Wonderland' is a long awaited wish to fill my jfashon magazine shelf! I adore all the pics and hope to see it under my christmas tree:)
As a big Sherlock-fan I NEED to have all seasons! I hope my sister got my broad wink ;D

The Rosette is another christmas present from me for me^^ I would love to get all of them but sadly I missed the release and only got the brown one. But I am glad I got it because all the others were sold out o.O
And here is my tights-wishlist! I found all of them at ebay and I am curious if they end up among the other presents:)
I am curious if all stuff on my wishlist will wait for me tomorrow under the tree and what presents I did not expect :3

So I wish you now wonderful christmas days because nobody will have time tomorrow to check out my blog :P
Lots of love and presents,


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  1. I really hope you received everything you wanted.
    The bag with wings is extra cute and I really want it :)

    Stay cute
    Scarlett Juzzle
    A kawaii blogger at www.pasteldreamsandrainbowskies.co.uk