27 Dezember 2014

New Years Resolutions 2015 :)

Hello lovelies,

well 2014 is nearly over so the traditional year review of it should not be missed ;) I do also a little overthinking about my New Year´s resolutions from 2014 and what I want to do 20145!
So, what happened 2014?

* I got my second valentine in this year :*
* I was my first time in Helsinki and had fun at Hellocon and the teaparty there!
* I had a lot of luck with giveaways this year: *click* *click* :D
* My boyfriend and me are now together for 4 years <3
* I was at the Babymetal concert in Cologne \m/
* I got the chance to be on a festival in Germany : Summerbreeze ~!
* I got my bachelor degree, moved to Vienna and found a job there!
* I subscribed to the Kawaii Box and made reviews about it: *click*
* I was able to attend 9 Meet Ups and 1 Con!
* I also had fun at some fleamarkets and events like the Modepalast in Linz, the underground fleamarket and the Topswap in Vienna!

Looking back on my New Year´s Resolution from 2014 I am little bit disappointed. I thought I had more time to sew but through all the moving stuff to Vienna I did not have any time :( But oh well, I want to succeed those goals this year!
So, my goals for 2015 are:

1.    Doing a tutorial each month (/12)
2.    Sew Bloomers 
3.    Sew a  Lolita skirt
4.    Sew a Lolita JSK
5.   Weigh at least 5-10 kilos fewer ~

6.   Improve my blog
7.  Having fun on my journeys (Paris, Japan :D)
8.  Wear more Pastel Goth in my everyday life

So now I reduced my goals to 8 whereas 2 of them are long term projects (1,5)!
I am glad I began to write down my New Year´s Resolution so I see what I did and what I want to do!
Have a funny New Year´s Eve and stay tuned for more me next year ;D



  1. Iiih..pastel and travels and sewing sounds awesome, just like your past year! ^___^
    Happy new year sweetie ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Yep, I am totally looking forward to it :)
      Happy new year to you too <3