08 Juli 2014

Babymetal in Cologne \m/

Hello there,

long time no see (or reading xD)!
I had some pretty stressful but amazing days since my last post but I will begin with the first event :)
My friend Sessy and I travelled to Cologne to see Babymetal♥ You may know her from my Finland posts there:*click*
I was really happy I found someone who wanted to go there with me! So many people did not want because the train to Cologne and back to Linz was really expensive..
On our meander to the hostel we saw some awesome graffiti. They are nearly anywhere - in every subway and rail station o.o
After we checked in and met our Babymetal roommates Sessy and me left for the concert to queue up and save the our dutch boys a spot in the line:)
Along this wall were we and other fans queued up..I know disgusting but somehow you see the group feeling every crowd develops at a concert xD
Sessy and me while we were waiting:) We thought the guy took a full body shot of us but well xD 
So sadly this is the only pic where you could see our outfit just a little bit..

First we saved some band merch for us and then - FINALLY! They sang and played so well as on their recordings! The crowd was jumping, singing and moshpiting and noone got hurt! For me it was one of the most awesome concerts until now :D
(Stolen with permission from Jochem Giesbers)
After the one hour hardcore dancing and singing we relaxed at a nearby pub, tried some Cologne beer and ate currywurst - just typical german ;)
Above you can see our After-concert-selfie \m/
I bought the 'Give me Chocolate'-Shirt and the Tour hoodie! I just love the print of the Shirt and the hoodie is comfortable, warm and both aparells are well made.
All those details 
I really enjoyed the day in Cologne with Sessy and the dutch dudes even though I maybe looked somehow uncomfortable because I am shy when it comes to speaking english..I think I write better so I am insecure when I have to speak it D:
Anyways, Hartelijk dank, my Durchfall guys!
See you next Babymetal concert:D


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