28 Juni 2014

Trendlove #15: Let´s get nautical!

Hello lovelies,
this next Trendlove is mainly about the nautical trends in the Lolita fashion this year. I think it is really matching the season and I like the motifs of mermaids, shells and anchors a lot!
The pic above is the new print from Haenuli which is a korean brand.
Deerstalkers fifth Fashion Film is about this series:
I really like the blue version of the dress! With all the chiffon and pearls it immediately reminds me of a mermaid. In my opinion the film is really melancholic and makes me yearning for the sea. The whole setup is really beautiful and you can find bits of 'The little Mermaid' in there ^-^
Let us begin with a typical sailor style! These beautiful oldschool Sailor Lolita dresses are from LIEF, a korean Lolita brand. I love the simplicity of the Onepieces! With the detachable sailor collar it is still noticeable which style is shown.
These 2 Onepieces are from the brand Souffle´s Song. The left pic shows 'The little Sailor Vintage Onepiece', the right one 'The little Sailor Summer Dream JSK'. I would like the version of the JSK more if it was longer.
The next Sailor series for this summer is from Marchen die Prinzessin which is also a korean Lolita fashion brand.
This JSK´s also have a detachble sailor collar like the version from LIEF. In my view this one is a elegant, ladylike version of the Sailor style even though it has its typical features like the collar and stripes.
I am not sure which one I would choose if I could buy one. But I would prefer LIEF´s design or the blue version from Marchen die Prinzessin.

Also LIZ LISA which a japanese Gyaru brand works a lot with sailor collars, shell jewellery and more. Take a look here: *click*

Which dress would you choose?
What do you think about the Sailor style in general?
Do like LIZ LISA´s Gyaru version of the nautical style?


  1. Ich mag Sailor total! <3
    Wenns morgen nicht zu heiß ist, trag ich mein schwarzes Sailor-Kleid. ^w^

    1. Komisch ...
      dann halt so

  2. ah so tolle kleider :)
    wirklich toll, gefällt mir unheimlich .
    ich liebe diesen sailor look einfach

    liebe grüße
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