16 Juni 2014

Instagram: May

Hello lovelies,

this time I choose to show only one month because I already made 5 pics only in may :D
The pic above shows me in my outfit for the Gothic Lolita Brunch! It was our first club meet :) For more pics and information: *click*
Well, my CDJapan order arrived in may but I reviewed it in my last post which was already in june^^ I am so glad I ordered the mooks, I just looove all bags and the umbrella :D You can read my review here:*click*
This is my new flash drive! Do you know the character? It is Iroooon Maaaan <3 This is the perfect addition to my bear flash drive :)
I am so glad I was in Finland in the beginning of this year! There I had the chance next to an awesome HelloCon and the teaparty with Midori Fukasawa and Atelier Pierrot to try this awesome black vanilla tea from twinings <3 I found it also in Austria and since then I mostly drink my beloved vanilla tea! 
I love it when everything is blooming in diverse colours! Red poppies seem somehow different to me  than other flowers but I do not know why xD I just like them for being there on my way to university:)

This May was a harsh month for me. I am glad it and my bachelor thesis stress is finally over :3
How was your May?
As stressful as mine or relaxing?


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