21 Juni 2014

Fleamarket again :)

Hello lovelies,

once again I went to this lovely fleamarket in Linz where I also was in March:*click*
I do not know why but I think there was better stuff the last time and it was more relaxed! This time the fleamarket was so crowded I barely could not move and was glad to get out there o.o Despite these conditions I was able to snag some things:
~ suspenders with bows
~ flowery box
~ little Hello Kitty jar
~ vintage flower brooch
~ dress full of birds
~ ice cream formers
~ three-quarter length sleeved jacket 
As always I went to the jewellery booth first and saw this brooch again! It was also there in March but I was not sure if I really want it. I saw it as a sign it waited for me and finally bought it :D
First the bows caught my eye then I realized they belong to suspenders^^ The bows are on the back of them..I am not sure if I really will use them but they were a freebie xD
I like black dresses and have loads of them.. this one is kind of a compromise for my wardrobe xD It is black with another colour in it ^^ And it has pockets

This cute jacket reminded me on the cute half coats from Innocent World: *click* *click* *click*
Well it does not have round collar but I like it like this too. I think it will work with Lolita and my everyday style very well.
I got this little bow shaped Hello Kitty jar also for free because it has some scratches. It contains earrings and a mobile phone strap. I guess I will not use them but maybe I can craft something with them :)
I looove the flower pattern on the box! The lid of it is a bit distorted so it is not closing right but I put some heavy books on it and see if I can fix it. For 1 €uro is this okay ;)
And last but not least I bought a set of ice cream moulds. Now I have more time I like to cook and bake and because it is summer and I want to have ice cream despite I want to lose weight. Therefor I want to make healthy ice cream out of melons, strawberry and more fruit :D
All in all I paid 15€ for everything :)

Do you want to have a recipe for my ice cream?
What was your recent secondhand purchase?
Do you like fleamarkets?



  1. Tolle Sachen hast du dir gekauft :) Das Kleid ist toll und die die Eisförmchen sind besonders toll :)

    1. Ja, da bin ich wirklich froh darüber, dass ich beides erwischt habe :)

  2. Das Kleid ist echt hübsch! *^*
    Ich liebe Flohmärkte ja total, da findet man immer was besonderes <3
    ...und diese Eisförmchen haben wir auch, die sind super XD
    Ich empfehle Trauben-, Maracuja-, Himbeer-Maracuja-Saft zum einfrieren :D

    1. Ich freue mich immer noch über die praktischen Taschen xD
      Oh ja, wenn sie gut organisiert sind und man die Sachen auch angreifen kann, da sie nicht allzu grauslich sind, dann sind sie super :D
      Oh, danke! Mal sehen was ich nächste Woche so anstelle damit :)

  3. Die Brosche <3 Nimm mich nächstes Mal mit (^-^)/

    1. Oh ja :)
      Okay, ich sag´s dir, wenns wieder so weit ist <3