11 Juni 2014

★ Review: CDJapan ★

Hello lovelies,
some time ago I made a big order at CDJapan! It is a japanese site where you find all kinds of stuff. You can get there books, CD´s, DVD´s, toys, games and even more stuff! Therefor my review only concerns the book section of this shop.

It is pretty simple to order there. The usual emails like the order confirmation and information about the shipping came. There were not any troubles!

Because there would be to many pics I focused onto the goodies to the Mooks. But if you want some more pics of a certain one just ask in the comments :)
I ordered:
~ Angelic Pretty Umbrella Mook: *click*

~ Q-pot Lookbook: *click*
~ Axes femme Spring&Summer Collection 2013: not available anymore
Muchacha Achachum 2013 Autumn & Winter Mook: *click*
~ Doll Classica - Midori´s Style Book: *click*
So I start with the Umbrella from Angelic Pretty! I love the colour combination and the detailed print. It is well made and quite solid even though I did not have the chance to use it^^
Here are some detail shots from the cover and the umbrella itself. Everything I love is there - lace, stripes, bows, cats, shoes,... :D
Now onto the bags:
Q-pot is a lovely brand which makes unique accessories. The bag is quite big and it has 2 different styles - the cookie side and the jewelry side:

Axes femme is a cute fashion brand. I would say it is suitable for Mori, Gyaru, Lolita and the daily elegant style. I like the details on the bag: 
Roses, keys and big clocks? A piece I definitely love even though the roses are pinkish :P
Isn´t it lovely? <3
These bags are from the brand Ahcahcum Muchacha. I love this one for the weirdness of their stuff :D I already have the catbags from this brand which I used here and there :)
The bags are now upside down so you can see the rabbits better^^ I love the black and white one! I am not sure if I can use the little bag. It is too small for all my stuff I always carry around like the little cat bag:/

All in all I paid around 90 €uros with shipping. I used registered SAL so I had the possibility to track my parcel. Only the shipping costed me 37 €uros :(
I ordered in the middle of april and it arrived 2 weeks later - this is fast for post from Japan :)
Every single Mook or book I bought was seperately packed in bubble wrap.
I also had to pay for the customs but it was not that much.
For the expensive shipping I give here:

I would buy again there because this is the cheapest way I found out to buy Mooks. I just love these and their awesome goodies! They are much better than the magazines in Austria xD If you know an other and cheaper way to order Mooks from Japan please tell me :D



  1. die taschen mit den hasenköpfen finde ich einfach genial
    ein cooler haul

    liebe grüße
    Hydrogenperoxid Lifestyle Blog

  2. Danke für das Review! Ich werde auch bald wohl zum ersten Mal bei CD Japan bestellen - das neue Kyary Album wartet auf mich und evtl. landet auch noch das ein oder andere in meinem Warenkorb!

    1. Bitte gerne! Ja, da kann man sich nicht so sicher bleiben, dass es nur bei dem einen bleibt :D

  3. Ich würde auch gerne etwas von cd japan bestellen aber der versand ist so hoch dafür dass ich nur 3 magazine bestellen will >-<;