20 Juli 2014

Reasons why I love Innocent World . . ♥

Hello lovelies,

today I want to tell you a lately happened story which made me come to the conclusion that Innocent World is my favourite brand:

As most of you know they have a huge Summer Sale now! This means they throw out their awesome stuff with reductions up to -70% ! !
No lolita should ever miss that chance and so I also looked through their awesome bargains and found one of my dreamdresses and a necklace I desired since I saw a girl wearing it at HelloCon.
Onto the dress:
This is the Appartement High Waist Jumperskirt in Black and Beige.

I just love the whole print and the detailing! The dress is not plain black, you can see brick on brick and the windows and doors are inspired from European Street buildings. Innocent World of course added the classical touch to it :)

It is so beautiful and classy and I already have the matching choker and the bow to it :D I bought them at the Innocent World Teaparty in Vienna last year: *click* *click*

Well, I ordered, got the confirmation mail and waited a week to get the next mail about shipping and paying bla. I was nervous to get my stuff because the Appartement JSK was already sold out on the site! I wanted to write them but somehow their email adress was wrong so it did not reach them. I already came to terms I will never own the dress but later that evening I got a mail:
"Dear Lisa,

Hello, we're Innocent World. Sorry for having kept you waiting, We just had to wait for the dress arriving from our physical store. The items for Order #201407090197 are now all set.
Best wishes,
Innocent World"

You cannot imagine how happy I was :D I am pretty amazed they even organize clothings from their physical stores to sell them online! What an awesome customer service 
I paid for it and now I am waiting to get my parcel :)
So this was my little story about experiences with IW´s service!
Did you also experienced something similar with IW or any other brand?
Let me know your stories :)



  1. OMG, ich hab den Summer Sale fast verschlafen. IW's Website ist ja auch komplett neu! Ich bin eindeutig zu wenig im Internet die letzte Zeit! Das JSK ist wirklich wunderschön und es steht dir sicher sehr gut! Musst auf jeden Fall mal Fotos machen wenn du es hast! Toll, dass sich IW auch solche Mühe gibt für seine Kunden - ich hoffe Sie können vom "OTT Classic"-Boom profitieren, vor 2-3 Jahren dachte ich noch fast das es ein wenig schlecht ausschaut für IW aber im Moment läuft es glaube ich sehr gut. :3

    1. Ja, die haben allgemein viel umgestellt^^
      Oh ja, Fotos wird´s sicher geben! Ich habe echt nicht erwartet, dass der Kundenservice so gut ist :D
      Ich denke, dass sie als Lolita Brand mittlerweile ziemlich gefestigt sind. Auch durch die vermehrte Medienpräsenz :)